Deliver the right content to the right audience to maximize conversions. It’s pretty simple. Without personalization, marketing is no different than throwing spaghetti on a wall. Maybe a noodle will stick, but there is a more effective way to drive new leads. Understanding what your customer wants, and giving them relevant content is critical to digital marketing success.

CommonSpot makes marketers more effective by giving them complete control over targeted content delivery. You can deliver personalized content to site visitors in real time, making every conversation relevant. The more data points you gather over time, the more personalized the content becomes. This increases engagement and raises conversion rates for better marketing ROI.

Using CommonSpot, you can deliver targeted content based on:

  • Membership and subscriptions (e.g., preferences outlined in profiles)
  • Specific behaviors, such as actions taken during a visit, click paths, pages visited, etc.
  • Historical actions, such as previous site activity
  • Origin of visits (e.g., search engines or banner ads)
  • Visitor location (e.g., on campus, Los Angeles, or France)

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