The entire PaperThin team is proud to announce the release of CommonSpot 7.0, the next major release of the award-winning Web Content Management System.

This release focuses on these fours areas:

  • Better user experience through content personalization
  • Improved analytics
  • Content authoring enhancements
  • Platform support

We have added extensive capabilities for content personalization to the system. Allow you to provide a personalized experience to your site visitors.

Additional, for marketers we have integrated Google Analytics directly into CommonSpot's left pane, making it super easy to quickly see visitor data on any page without leaving Commonspot.

Several improvements were made to the authoring experience, including the ability to create and manage SEO Redirects and Vanity URLs, the capability to upload multiple documents or images in bulk, and improvements to Page Sets, Stylesheet management, User/Group management and internal search.

we have also added support for the Ralio/Lucee CFML engine, as well updates for new browser and database versions.

All in all, a great new set of features and capabilities for you to utilize.


CommonSpot 7.0 (Winter 2012) Release Notes 461KB
**CommonSpot 7.0.1 Release Notes 49KB
***Commonspot 7.0.2 Release Notes 49KB


Personalization & Contextualization

Easily deliver personalized and targeted content to site visitors based on their profile preferences or the context of their Web activity (entering through a landing page, search term, or referring URL; the presence of cookies from email campaigns or site activity; visits from a specific IP address, and so on). This provides for a more personalized or 1-to-1 visitor experience that drives higher conversion rates.

Implicit Personalization

Automatically group site visitors based on browsing behavior and serve content targeted to their preferences or interests. CommonSpot makes it easy to give anonymous site users a highly personalized experience while collecting valuable browsing information - all in a couple of clicks.

Explicit Personalization

CommonSpot includes powerful group management and scheduling and features for serving content customized to the specific interests and characteristics of CommonSpot users or individuals and groups authenticated through CommonSpot

SEO Redirects

Create easy-to-remember and easy-to-share aliases for longer URLs to include in email campaigns, advertisements, etc. Also, marketers can preserve valuable search engine rankings when moving content within a site using automatic SEO redirects.

Vanity URLs

Create and manage short, easy-to-remember URLs for any purpose with a few clicks of the mouse, anytime and manage target pages without IT support or resources.

Multi-File Upload

Simultaneously upload multiple documents, images, or files through a browse-and-select or convenient drag & drop interface for greater productivity. Apply common metadata and optionally view uploads in a pending state, to add, delete, or change attributes on the fly before publishing.

Integrated Analytics

Create, measure, analyze, and act smarter than ever before using in-context Google Analytics. You get deep, data-driven insight into the pages you are working on while you are working on them, enhancing your ability to create fully optimized pages on the fly. Analyze page performance data or visually view page performance data in graphical format.

Page Set Improvements

Easily create and maintain large or small groups of related pages using CommonSpot Page Sets.