File transfer in many systems requires special privileges or tools outside of the content management workflow, often leading to delays and bottlenecks. CommonSpot puts file upload in the hands of content creators and enables one-click batch transfer of multiple documents, images, multimedia, and other files, all without leaving the page.

Browse-and-select or drag-and-drop to choose files. Upload immediately or save files in a "pending" state, to apply metadata, add descriptions, or create more intuitive names. You can also choose to upload in batches, to handle large data transfers. Once uploads complete, you can conveniently view them as My Uploaded Files, and add, delete, and move files, change owner, properties, and more.

  • One-click batch upload for multiple documents, images, or files.
  • Batch import YouTube or Brightcove multimedia for management in CommonSpot.
  • Standard browse-and-select or drag-and-drop interface for uploads.
  • Upload immediately or maintain in a pending state for review and editing or to manage batch transfer size.
  • Simultaneously apply metadata to the same or mixed file types, or apply separately to individual files.
  • Separately assign upload privileges for images, multimedia, or specific file types, or allow uploading with no restrictions.

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