Images add more value than simply presenting a pretty picture. They are central to good website experiences. Images can dramatically increase the value of your content, highlight messages and make them more compelling, and enhance the way customers experience your brand.

CommonSpot makes it easy to showcase images in a beautiful way. Simply upload an image, edit and customize it’s look and feel to your liking, and then choose the best way to present it. It’s that simple.  


Showcase Images Using Carousels

Carousels Feature Thumbnail

Allow site visitors to easily transition or rotate between images using CommonSpot's Image Carousel. The Image Carousel enables you to easily add photo presentations and slideshows to your site. Simply choose a gallery style, then drag and drop your image(s) or upload new ones into the gallery, and easily customize image dimensions and timing. Built-in selection features give site visitors options for stepping through images at their pace.

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Image Galleries

A portion of the Image Galleries dialog::Image Galleries Thumbnail

Publish and present brand-compliant photos quickly and easily and create compelling carousels in a variety of formats. CommonSpot's Image Gallery feature provides a powerful tool for managing image collections.

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Edit Images Easily

Image Editor Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot makes editing images easy for any user. No image editing software or know-how is necessary. Users can easily resize, crop, rotate, flip, adjust, and optimize images right within the image gallery.

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Upload Multiple Images At Once

Multi-File Upload Feature Thumbnail

Simultaneously upload multiple documents, images, or files through a browse-and-select or convenient drag & drop interface for greater productivitiy. Apply common metadata and optionally view uploads in a pending state, to add, delete, or change attributes on the fly before publishing.

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Image Index Element

A portion of teh element gallery showing the Image Index element::Image Index Thumbnail

CommonSpot 10 adds an Image Index Element to the CommonSpot Element Gallery. Similar to the Page Index Element, this new feature allows you to either manually select or specify filter criteria to automatically render lists of images in standard or custom formats. You can filter for images contained in public, private, or default galleries, and use image size, subsite location, file size, owner, and more as filtering criteria.

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