The onset of content marketing has placed a large burden on web content management systems. Today, web content management systems can only be truly effective if you can find, organize, and manage your growing library of business-critical documents with ease.

Unlike most CMS’, CommonSpot’s exceptional document management capabilities give you quick access to any type of document via any device you choose saving you valuable time. You can easily share documents with team members and assign permissions, versioning, and workflows to control content integrity and prevent costly mistakes. And you can tag content with metadata to enhance the value of your content and improve search speed. There is simply no limit to the number of documents CommonSpot can manage on your website or corporate Intranet making it the right choice for any content marketing-focused organization, or any organization with thousands or even hundreds of thousands of documents under management.



Manage Documents With Ease

Upload New Document

Ever increasing amounts of content (such as documents, social content and multimedia) places a huge burden on CMSs that often have hundreds, or hundreds of thousands of documents that must be managed. CommonSpot eliminates the challenges associated with document management by providing full document library support, including document versioning, security, metadata/taxonomy classification, full text search, dynamic filtering, and more.

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Upload Multiple Files At A Time

Multi-File Upload Feature Thumbnail

Simultaneously upload multiple documents, images, or files through a browse-and-select or convenient drag & drop interface for greater productivity. Apply common metadata and optionally view uploads in a pending state, to add, delete, or change attributes on the fly before publishing.

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Use Metadata To Maximize Content Value

Metadata Feature Thumbnail

Tagging your content is essential for managing it your way. CommonSpot captures a standard set of metadata automatically, including date, file location, owner, etc., and includes extensive support for custom metadata for content organization, targeted filtering and presentation and even navigation.

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Classify And Organize Documents Using Taxonomy-Based Tagging

Taxonomy Based Tagging and Search Feature Thumbnail

Easily classify and organize content to improve search results relevancy. CommonSpot's robust taxonomy tagging integrates with search features for optimal information discovery and retrieval.

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Use Version History Tool To Compare Document Versions And View Comments

Versioning Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot includes advanced tools for easily managing, reviewing, comparing, and restoring versions and analyzing version performance.

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Pull Referring Pages Report For Any Page On Your Site

CommonSpot's Referring Pages feature lets content owners view link references for images, web pages, multimedia files and other objects.

CommonSpot provides a convenient way for content owners to see not only which pages link to other pages, but also link references for images, URLs, multimedia files, and other objects and easily manage and update how they are linked.

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