The ability to quickly create short, easy-to-remember URLs can speed time to market and positively impact the success of your programs and campaigns. Create and manage URLs for any purpose with a few clicks of the mouse, anytime and manage target pages without IT support or resources. 

In CommonSpot, you can generate long-term vanity URLs for branding purposes, "permanent" targets for recently changed URLs (to preserve visitor bookmarks, for example), or short custom aliases for long web addresses. You can also set vanity URL expiration dates. CommonSpot supports both 301 (permanent) and 302 (temporary) web standards.

CommonSpot tracks and manages all custom URLs and gives you advanced administrative controls to simplify the process of finding, viewing, editing, and managing your vanity URLs and target pages.

  • Easily modify temporary/permanent settings 
  • Add or remove new vanity URLs 
  • Change targets 
  • Optionally set or remove expiration dates for vanity URLs

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