One of the biggest draws to any site is compelling news. The News app gives you a short-cut to improving site value with tools that make it easy to create and publish news stories and deploy a news resource across your site. Create news articles with a consistent look and feel, and categorize and tag them so they appear exactly where they need to be. Use the News article template, landing page, and archive features out of the box, or modify as needed for your site. The News app ships with a custom view option to simplify creating and publishing specialized news listings for targeted subsites, microsites, landing pages, and more.

Content creators add News objects to pages and adjust layout and style, just as they would for any other CommonSpot object. Sites can manage news resources from an easy-to-use administrative interface.

  • Easily add news features to your site with the PaperThin News app.
  • Use article templates, landing page, and archive features out of the box or customize for your site.
  • Deploy custom views as needed to create specialized news listings.
  • Integrate with other CommonSpot objects, such as Events or Comments.
  • Conveniently manage News items from a central, dedicated dashboard.

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