Membership gives your community access to content not available to just anyone. Using CommonSpot, you can easily enroll new members to your community by granting membership rights to any individual that meets specific criteria you define (such as customer). Membership details (such as premiere or platinum) and preferences (such as subscribe me to this content) are stored in the member profile.  

CommonSpot lets you enroll new members to your community easily and securely using its own built-in user database, or you can integrate with any third-party authentication system to recognize visitors as they log in.  

Once securely logged in, members have easy access to private content that keeps them engaged throughout the year. You can also deliver targeted content to individuals dynamically based on personal preferences, geography, or membership in certain groups (such as role or vertical). CommonSpot provides all the tools you need to create members-only sites to fully engage your community.

  • Use CommonSpot alone, or integrate with the third-party authentication system of your choice to add community members.
  • Optionally validate against multiple databases for improved security.
  • Easily assign security through inheritable rights and just as easily create rights exceptions for specific content types.
  • Create your own automated email confirmations and communications
  • Use CommonSpot’s custom object architecture to set up a site-specific registration and user management dashboard.
  • Easily manage members with advanced sorting and filtering.

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