Making the right relationships, and nurturing and keeping them is one of the biggest challenges for digital marketers today. People come to your website for content, but they stay for community making communities the epicenter of true customer engagement. To build an engaged community around your brand, you need a balance of company and user-generated content.

When done correctly, online communities lead to increased brand loyalty, word-of-mouth advertising, and customer recommendations and endorsements. They also give you an opportunity to develop long-term relationships with your customers—the kind of relationships that provide invaluable insights that lead to product innovation, process improvements, and increased customer satisfaction.

So how do you unlock the power of community and enable true engagement? CommonSpot has a host of features to help you build community, engage users authentically, and make them your greatest brand advocates.


Get Blogging

Blog Thumbnail

Blogs are the hard-working underdogs in your marketing toolkit. Open a 24/7 line of communication with consumers, extend your reach to multiple Web channels, improve SEO results, achieve higher website traffic, and drive significantly more leads using Blogs.  

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Engage Visitors With Comments And Likes

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Deliver a more interactive experience and engage site visitors by allowing them to comment on, like, and dislike your content, or easily contribute content themselves.

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Keep Visitors Apprised Of Upcoming Events

Events Calendar Feature Thumbnail

Give site visitors a glimpse of what's happening in the coming days, weeks, or months using the open source PaperThin Calendar app. Enable staff and your community to easily contribute event data such as meetings and other social events via a simple forms interface.

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Encourage Questions And Discussions With Forums

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Use the PaperThin Forum to enable authenticated community members whether internal or external to post comments, follow discussion threads, and receive instant notifications when new comments are added.

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Enroll New Community Members Securely

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Does your site have a members only section that requires authenticated access? Use CommonSpot to enroll new members to your community site easily and securely and show members only the content they are authorized to view.

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Use Multimedia Assets To Engage Users

Video and Multimedia

Draw website visitors in using multimedia assets such as videos, images, and other multimedia content. Make sure your site is optimized with as much jazz as possible.

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Use Polls And Surveys To Get Feedback And Insights

Polls and Simple Surveys Feature Thumbnail

Get feedback from customers and site visitors quickly and easily using CommonSpot's poll and survey capabilities. CommonSpot makes it easy to create simple polls/surveys for gathering customer feedback or opinions to increase customer loyalty, provide insight into your business, learn about trends, increase awareness, drive leads, and more.

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Create Profiles And Directories With Ease

Profiles & Directories Feature Thumbnail

Showcase human assets (such as faculty, staff, students, and physicians) and bring a voice of authenticity to your site using the PaperThin profile app. The profile app leverages existing ERP data such as name and title enabling authenticated users to easily create profile pages, upload photos, edit bios, and manage personal information through a simple forms interface.

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Extend Your Reach With Social Media

Social Media Manager

Create, schedule, and manage social media posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ automatically from your CommonSpot site. Streamline the publishing process using a central dashboard saving social media managers valuable time.

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Engage Visitors With A Social Media Stream

Social Media Stream Feature Thumbnail

Combine posts from chosen social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, or WordPress) and display them in a single data stream on your website to better engage website visitors with real-time content, promotions, and peer conversations.

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Allow Community Members To Contribute Content

User contributed content.

Give your site the voice of authenticity by attracting and automatically publishing visitor-generated content. A simple forms-based interface makes it easy to add blog posts, comments, reviews, testimonials, and more from members of your community.

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Comments Feature Thumbnail

Create a more interactive and authentic experience for your site visitors by inviting their comments. The PaperThin Comments app makes it easy to include feedback forms anywhere on your site.

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