Social media now rivals all forms of media. But it is time-consuming and challenging to manage social conversations across the growing number of platforms that require near-constant check-in, review, feedback, and distribution cycles. What marketers need are fewer, more intuitive tools that make social media management easier, and insight more understandable. PaperThin’s answer is a Social Media Manager for centrally creating, scheduling, and managing posts to all social media channels from your CommonSpot website. It’s an essential tool for unlocking the value of your social efforts.  

CommonSpot allows content creators to easily publish content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and other social media channels, automatically. Instead of simply publishing content to the Web, CommonSpot gives you the option to ‘Publish and Share’ your content with registered social media channels, and tweak the message for each channel. From a central dashboard, approved social media managers with assigned permission and posting rights can:

  • Publish content, when and where you like, streamlining the publishing process
  • Schedule posts for future times or dates as you create content
  • Edit scheduled posts right up to the scheduled posting time, giving reviewers valuable time for last-minute changes
  • Add or change posting schedules at any time prior to publication
  • Create rules that will automatically generate social media posts when certain triggers or events occur
  • View and analyze social media effectiveness and track the performance of posts such as click throughs, likes, retweets, shares, and comments


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