We all want our websites to be a runaway success. But nothing happens in the digital world in the blink of an eye. Most of us have to work hard for every conversion. We creep towards success making small adjustments along the way that reap small payoffs. It’s a constant process that seems simple enough, but without the right analytics tools, insights are hard to come by and conversions suffer.

Ramp up results exponentially using CommonSpot’s intuitive, on-page analytics. Enable users to make informed decisions about web content or social conversions by giving them easy access to valuable insights so they can optimize content as they work on it, and maximize conversions.  


Use Analytics Data To Optimize Your Site

Analytics Feature Thumbnail

Create, measure, analyze, and act smarter than ever before using in-context Google Analytics. You get deep, data-driven insight into the pages you are working on while you are working on them, enhancing your ability to create fully optimized pages on the fly. Analyze page performance data or visually view page performance data in graphical format.

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Monitor And Analyze Social Media Effectiveness

Social Media Manager

Create, schedule, and manage social media posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ automatically from your CommonSpot site. Streamline the publishing process using a central dashboard saving social media managers valuable time.

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Search Analytics

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CommonSpot provides search analytics for internal searches, allowing administrators to see which keywords visitors search for, how many times a keyword or keyword phrase was searched for, how many results were returned for each searched term, and which search results visitors clicked.

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