Showcase members of your community such as faculty or management teams with the PaperThin Profile application. Through a simple form interface, authenticated contributors or website visitors can easily create and edit bios, upload photos, include videos, add group affiliations, organize relevant content and links, and so on. Once created, Profiles can be displayed on individual profile pages, or in a highly customizable profile Directory. There is virtually no limit to how profile content can be captured, presented, and re-used throughout your site.

Profile & Directory features include:

  • A simple form interface prompts for required fields to ensure consistency, thoroughness, and accuracy for your profile information.
  • Quickly create profiles using out-of-the-box fields (Name, eMail, Social Networks) or easily create custom fields for highly specific profiles
  • One-click access to an administrative dashboard simplifies profile and directory management
  • Integrate with ERP data and other external data sources for automatic batch imports or for ongoing synchronization of profile information
  • Easily tag and associate profiles with related content, such as news articles, blog posts, etc.
  • Integrate or mash up profile data with other PaperThin or open source apps
  • Locate profiles in a few clicks using powerful directory search using one or more attributes.
  • Quickly create and publish multiple directory views using out-of-the-box full page and list options, with or without image thumbnails
  • Create as many custom views as you need to meet your specific requirements.

Screen Shots