CommonSpot 9.0 makes it easier for marketers and administrators to accomplish complex tasks, which in turn has a measurable impact on time to market and website results. The new release offers the following:

  • For Marketers:
    • Integrated Video Management with YouTube Brightcove
    • Navigation Builder
    • Adaptable Layouts
    • Social Media Enhancements
    • Data Manager to manage related content objects
  • Administrators/Contributors
    • ADA/508 Accessibility Optimizer
    • Content Reuse Enhancements
    • Feed Notifications / Current Work Items
    • Content Object Data Viewer & Filtering Capabilities
    • Form Field Enhancements
    • Improved Site Administration Options
  • Developers
    • HTML5 Support & Page Outlining
    • Responsive Design
    • Container Render Handlers
    • Improved Style/Class Management
    • Log Viewer
    • Updated Application Development Framework & ADF Apps


Navigation Builder (Mega-Menus, Accordian Menus, etc)

Using a built-in navigation builder, users can easily create navigation for any purpose and style them in a variety of pre-built designs, such as accordions, sliders, and mega-menus.

YouTube Hosted Video

Leverage YouTube's free video hosting platform to house your videos. CommonSpot provides a tight integration with YouTube so that you can directly upload and manage videos via CommonSpot into YouTube.

Brightcove Hosted Video

Manage externally hosted multimedia the same way you manage everything else. CommonSpot seamlessly integrates with Brightcove for high-quality video publishing without the headache of managing media servers or dealing with distributed code snippets. Easily upload and publish Brightcove video to your site within the content management workflow. CommonSpot takes care of the rest.

Locally Hosted Video

In addition to robust support for integrated Brightcove and YouTube video, you can easily serve video stored on your local or cloud-based servers and manage it just like other video sources in a common multimedia library.

Accessibility Optimizer

CommonSpot's Accessibility Optimizer lets content owners instantly verify, on a page by page basis, how well the content abides by accessibility standards.

HTML5 Support & Better Page Outlining

CommonSpot fully supports the latest Web standards such as HTML5 helping developers improve the user experience in a variety of ways.


Conveniently deliver content of interest or important news and alerts right to the CommonSpot dashboard. Notification features make it easy to create and maintain a repository of shareable news feeds and reports for your web team members.

Mobile and Responsive Design

Make website experiences mobile friendly by enabling site visitors to view content when they want, the way they want—regardless of the device that is being used. Automatically deliver a mobile version of your site to mobile users, a tablet version for tablet users, and so on ensuring all experiences are optimized for the site visitor’s preferred channel.

Dynamic Forms (Show/Hide Fields)

You can have smart, dynamic forms that change the fields that are show to the user within the form, by using the new 'Show/Hide' Fields feature with in any CommonSpot Form (Simple Form, Custom Element Form, or Metadata Form). Simply use the multi-level Selection Lists field and configure its new option to show or hide, or make required, certain fields with in the form.

Log Viewer

CommonSpot includes a log viewer that gives Site Administrators fast, convenient access to error log data, eliminating the need to download, open, and search large log files for critical error information. The new log viewer summarizes the errors, sorting the results by those errors with the highest count, making it easy during development to see common errors. Access this option through Site Administration – Utilities – Error Logs.