Automatically deliver security alerts and other critical information right to the CommonSpot dashboard, and create and maintain a repository of news feeds and reports of interest to your content creators and managers. Administrators configure and enable feeds that team members can choose to show or hide. New posts display in the CommonSpot menu bar for quick viewing and sharing. Individuals choose how to view and archive posts.

Enable as many feeds as your site needs or wants and easily manage them from a central administrative dashboard. You can also set up "mandatory" feeds for important notifications and alerts.

  • Easily choose and configure news and information feeds for distribution to team members.
  • Create "mandatory" feeds for mission-critical information.
  • Manage feeds and set security from a centralized dashboard.
  • Conveniently view feed status and updates in the CommonSpot menu bar.
  • Consume feeds your way: show/hide, set viewing options, and more.
  • Point and click to share feeds.

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