CommonSpot offers over 50 standard content objects for creating popular content types such as rich formatted text, image galleries, menu bars, mega-menus, multimedia, social media streams, and more. This extensive library makes it easy for non-technical users to create and publish rich, compelling content. CommonSpot users simply point and click to select content objects and insert them in pages or templates.

For non-standard content types, CommonSpot gives you the tools you need to easily create content objects that meet your exact business requirements. CommonSpot's HTML display templates, render handlers, and extensive field type support give both technical and non-technical team members all the tools they need to create simple or complex content objects that present the same easy-to-use interface to the authors and editors who use them.

When the standard tool box is not enough, CommonSpot includes a programmatic interface for adding custom scripts that draw from external data for more sophisticated or advanced content rendering or more specialized interfaces.

  • An extensive content object library simplifies, standardizes, and accelerates advanced content creation and rendering.
  • Over 50 standard objects for the most popular content types: rich text, images and carousels, profiles, YouTube and Brightcove multimedia, social media streams, linkbar, mega-menu, and accordion menu types, and more.
  • Unlimited custom object creation for sophisticated content tailored to your requirements.
  • Extensive field type support.
  • Local and global options for simplified content reuse.
  • Centralized, easily modifiable library for point-and-click access to all content objects.
  • Show/hide objects based on roles and permissions.
  • View object data in the context of the page or on the fly through listings and reports.
  • Programmatic interface for limitless extension of CommonSpot objects.

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