Security is on everyone's mind these days, not just for the obvious need to protect critical assets, but also for SEO. Google's search algorithm now gives sites running over HTTPS a more positive ranking than those that do not. In addition to highly secure out-of-the-box authentication and advanced content security, CommonSpot supports 128-bit encryption for Secure Socket Layer and Transport Layer Security. This protocol for data/message confidentiality, integrity, and authentication allows multiple domains to serve SSL traffic over the same IP address. CommonSpot ships with built-in support for both SSL and TLS email.

Any site with a digital server certificate from a Certificate Authority (CA) can run securely over SSL or TLS. Sites can manage certificates and serve content securely from their own servers or take advantage of CommonSpot Cloud provisioning services for certificate installation.

  • Securely communicate over HTTPS or FTPS in CommonSpot
  • Use TLS or SSL for secure data/message transmission.
  • Implement single or multi-domain security.
  • Manage your own servers and certificates or run securely in the Cloud supported by PaperThin and AWS services.
  • Use PaperThin's Cloud provisioning services to install certificates.

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