Administrators and developers have exceptional control over all aspects of site security. Whether CommonSpot's granular permissions, custom authentication capabilities, cross site scripting prevention, or its SSL support, CommonSpot was built as an enterprise scale application with security in mind.



Authentication Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot provides a robust security framework that you can use out of the box, or integrate with your own authentication system. It enables full user authentication and group management for both content editors and site visitors, and can also call upon any third-party user directory (such as LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), Active Directory, or any custom data source) so users and groups can be centrally managed.

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Roles and Permissions

Roles and Permissions Feature Thumbnail

Improve productivity by assigning extensive roles and permissions for new users, and redefining roles as responsibilities change. CommonSpot gives users the power to run their own area of the website through assigned roles and permissions, whether creating pages and templates, adding users or assigning individual or group rights.

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Secure Access to Content

Secure Access to Content Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot has a robust security framework, built-in authentication, and granular content security for unparalleled flexibility in managing and controlling access to content.

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Content Object Level Security

Content Object Level Security Feature Thumbnail

Easily manage access to standard and custom content objects. Granular controls are built right in to CommonSpot so you can give team members the exact permissions they need to get the job done without compromising other content areas.

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Distributed Site/Subsite Admin

Distributed Site/Subsite Admin Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot intelligently distributes site and subsite permissions. Granular permissions give stakeholders control over their individual areas of business on the site, eliminating bottlenecks to make your organization more productive and your site more effective.

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IP Address Restrictions

IP Address Restrictions Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot enables administrators to easily enable or disable IP restrictions for greater control over who can access the system, and from where.

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Multifaceted Authentication (LDAP, Active Directory, etc.)

Multiple Facet Authentication (LDAP, Active Directory, etc.) Feature Thumbnail

Custom authentication options enable integration with any third-party mechanism, such as LDAP, Active Directory, or custom user directories.

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SSL Feature Thumbnail

Secure your site with standards-based SSL or TLS certificates. Serve HTTPS over your own servers or take advantage of CommonSpot Cloud provisioning services for certificate installation and CommonSpot maintenance.

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Developer Sandbox Server

Developer Sandbox Server Feature Thumbnail

PaperThin offers a nominally priced development server license for "sandbox" testing outside of production. Use this option to test your current site against new versions of CommonSpot or new code and customizations.

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Developer Access

Developer Access Feature Thumbnail

Developers have access to the site's file system with all editions of the CommonSpot On Premises and Cloud (except the CommonSpot Cloud shared offering) through both FTP and Commonspot's internal upload capabilities, allowing you to easily make necessary code changes.

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CommonSpot Security

Site General Security thumbnsil

CommonSpot includes network security features to keep your site up and running and safe from unauthorized use with a suite of security-minded features and rigorous, regular testing and updates.

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Unlimited Nested Groups

Unlimited Nested Groups Feature Thumbnail

Highly flexible group and membership configuration options make it easy for you to set up and manage groups and permissions that reflect the hierarchy and responsibility structure of your organization.

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User and Group Management

User group management

CommonSpot's object-oriented architecture simplifies user and group profile and permissions management to save your organization valuable time and resources.

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Field-level Security

Easily add read or edit rights to individual fields.

As part of a robust, granular security framework, CommonSpot gives developers and designers control over access and editing rights to specific fields within custom content objects and forms,

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