Managing website content is simple. Controlling content quality to protect your brand can be trickier. More than 25 permissions can be assigned that will define the role users play and determine the tools they can use to manage Web content. In fact, CommonSpot’s roles and permissions are so granular that many users—or just one user—can be given ownership rights to manage entire departmental sub-sites, pages, sections of a page, or even a single content object. And those users can in turn assign roles and permissions to their respective teams ensuring that the people who own the content--e.g., the subject-matter experts--can manage the content.

There are virtually no limitations to the permissions and restrictions that you can put into place, giving you complete control over website content creation and management while ensuring that your content is well branded and current, better optimized for search engines, and more compelling for site visitors.

  • Grant users or groups of users rights to create, edit, and approve Web content
  • Assign permissions to manage all website content or content on specific sub-sites, groups of pages, single pages, sections of a page, or even a single piece of content, or field on a form
  • Grant approval rights to control content quality prior to publication
  • Assign approval-only capability (user can approve but not author/edit content)

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