Today's distributed, multi-authoring environment requires a high degree of control plus flexibility to meet the dual demands of secure workflow and rapid production. CommonSpot's object-level security delivers just that, with features that make it easy to assign rights to perform different tasks for different objects. Managers and administrators can easily give team members the specific permissions they need for their area of control, while keeping other areas off-limits. No special coding or IT involvement is required. Granular controls are built right in to CommonSpot for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Set security defaults at the subsite level and view or change security for any object at any time while viewing pages. CommonSpot also includes a central dashboard for managing content objects and security at the site level. Either way, just point and click to grant users or groups the rights they need to get the job done.

  • Easily assign any combination of read, author, edit, design, or administrative rights to text blocks, images, multimedia, or any of the other objects that ship standard with CommonSpot.
  • Assign custom permissions for custom objects.
  • Apply security to individual content fields to precisely manage content your way.
  • Set defaults and enable override at the page level.
  • Automatically give page owners administrative rights.
  • Centrally view and manage security for all content objects at the site level.

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