Highly Extensible Implementation/Deployment Options and Tools

IT managers have seen an explosion of options for managing their server infrastructure in the past few years. From faster and higher capacity servers, to local virtualization, to the cloud, new options have arrived for improving, streamlining and cost-cutting IT server architecture and management. Your Web CMS should adapt to any of these options so as to remain in lockstep with your infrastructure roadmap. CommonSpot is available as an On Premises or Cloud (SaaS) offering, with options for authoring, staging, and production servers; developer-only licenses; multi-server shared database or replication; redundancy and failover; and multimedia server support. 

CommonSpot On Premise

Designed for customers who prefer to own, implement and administer their own Web content management software, applications and data.

  • Greater control over administration of servers, software and applications
  • More easily adher to an organization's specific IT plans by having a license that can be:
    • installed on your servers
    • at your location
    • under your specific security guidelines
    • using existing hardware and personnel
  • More easily control the integrations with third-party and back-end applications
  • Can be moved to "Hosted" at any time

Cloud-based Services

For organizations that wish to take advantave of our award-winning Web Content Management solution in a cloud-based subscription form. You get all of the sophisticated features that CommonSpot offers - at a very affordable price.

  • Rapid deployment and greater productivity
  • Appordable, tiered pricing - pay only for hte capabilities and infrastructure you need.
  • Capital expenses for software licenses and hardware are eliminated.
  • Ongoing maintenance, upgrade and support costs are reduced.
  • Fast impementation by PaperThin experts and fast hand-off to business users.

Purchase License and Host with PaperThin

For organizations that prefer the economic benefit of owning a license, but don't want the burden of purchasing and maintaining their own server architecture.

  • 24/7 monitored environment allows you to focus on core business, and not the technology.
  • No in-house IT staff required.
  • No up-front costs for hardware and software.
  • Scale as requirements grow.
  • Low monthly cost.
  • Low-risk solution that's up and running quickly.



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