All sites need good performance, but often in different ways at different times. CommonSpot includes flexible deployment options to meet the needs of any site, from a simple single-server setup to a distributed multi-server authoring and production environment. CommonSpot includes native support for both Shared Database and Replication models of publishing, with multiple options to enhance performance your way.

In the Shared Database model all production servers deliver content from a single central, or shared, database server. All users see the same content, and published changes happen in real-time. Shared Database configurations can gain performance advantages through two additional CommonSpot features: Shared Cache for more reliable and faster updates, and a dedicated Cache Server to serve the most up-to-date content and improve overall site performance.

The Replication model assumes a multiple-server configuration in which authoring changes are "pushed" to one or more production servers manually or automatically in near-real time or at scheduled intervals based on business rules. You can deploy replication target servers on separate or remote networks, and sites can replicate across a firewall. Replication also enables selective synchronization. For example, you can configure site A to synchronize to servers 1, 2, and 3, while site B synchronizes to server 1 only. Replication is the solution of choice for geographically distributed and complex sites and deployments.

  • Choose the high-performance server configuration that meets your specific needs, with no price penalty.
  • Expand as needed, with no limit on the number of target servers.
  • Migrate content automatically from authoring and production in both Replication and Shared Database models.
  • Share a single cache resource between authoring and target servers
  • Use the operating system and database of choice.

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