We are happy to announce the release of CommonSpot 6.1. This a platform and maintenance release with a couple exciting new features including:

  • Replication to multiple Read Only Servers
  • New Shared Database & Replication Administration
  • Stale Cache Support
  • Shared Cache
  • Improved Page Index Performance
  • Security Improvements

In addition there were numerous smaller enhancements including:

  • Subsite Rename
  • Check Form Record Consistency Utility
  • Secure FTP Replication Settings
  • Change Owner
  • Larger Windows
  • Link Validation Handling
  • Page and File Expiration
  • Improved Selection Functions
  • Numerous API Additions

CommonSpot 6.1.0 Release Notes 140KB


Multi-Server Replication Support

CommonSpot's server architecture is reliable and highly scalable to handle both the simplest and most demanding web environments, from a single authoring/production server to multiple, geographically distributed authoring and read-only servers. CommonSpot supports both shared database and replication models.

Stale and Shared Cache Support

Page rendering performance can be significantly enhanced with proper caching. We introduced two new features the help this. The Stale Cache feature will use a sightly out-dated cache when necessary and then will automatically rebuild the cache in the background, eliminating the cache rebuild performance hit for the site-visitor. The Shared Cache feature, now enables sharing of the cache across all servers in your cluster.

Customizable My CommonSpot Dashboard

CommonSpot dramatically improves efficiency and productivity for users at every desk, through a customizable My CommonSpot dashboard. Get at-a-glance access to tasks saved searches, saved shortcuts, favorites, social media, and more.

Batch Search Collection Re-indexing

CommonSpot uses the built-in open source SOLR search engine to provide full text search, making it easy to create, view, assign, and remove search collections at the site and subsite levels. Includes one-click search collection regeneration and optimization.

Security Improvements

Security has been tightened to control calls through loader.cfm. Also this release removes the requirement for Read-Only Production Server(s) to maintain file-system access to the Authoring Server. The Password field has expanded (from 50 to 255 characters) in the Users database to allow for longer passwords and less compact encryption methods. And the extensive CommonSpot API has been enhanced to support direct login and updated to include additional security contexts.