'My CommonSpot’ is a personalized and customizable dashboard of content, searches, shortcuts, reminders and more that dramatically improves productivity for users at every desk. Save time by creating favorites and sharing them with team members. View both your own and your groups' activities for better collaboration. Post to social media outlets and centrally manage communications - all from one central location for greater productivity.

  • Conveniently view approvals, notifications, reminders, work requests, and more in one place.
  • Get at-a-glance "My Content" status, including one-click Visual Difference for comparing page versions
  • Quickly view, run, create, and share Shortcuts and Saved Searches.
  • Point and click to manage social media communications.
  • Customize views at the individual or site level.
  • Easily add new custom sections through CommonSpot or create programmatically.

Screen Shots