Content managers often have hundreds of pages of content for which they are responsible, including published pages, works in progress, content waiting approvals, and so on. Keeping track of that content and its various stages of completion can be a challenge. CommonSpot’s answer to that problem includes a suite of customizable dashboards, reports, reminders, and shortcuts that can be tailored to an individual, a specific role, or a team to help make managing content and monitoring its performance intuitive and fast.


Customizable My CommonSpot Dashboard

Customizable Dashboard Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot dramatically improves efficiency and productivity for users at every desk, through a customizable My CommonSpot dashboard. Get at-a-glance access to tasks saved searches, saved shortcuts, favorites, social media, and more.

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Custom Report Creation and Sharing (Saved Searches)

Custom Report Creation and Sharing (Saved Searches) Feature Thumbnail

Easily create custom reports, and 'favorite' and share your frequently used or saved searches with team members for easy access and faster lookups.

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Administrative Reports

Administrative Reports Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot's comprehensive administrative reports make the job of oversight and quality control easy. Get out-of-the-box status for pages, templates, uploaded docs, registered URLs, images, multimedia files, pages with errors, and more. And when that's not enough, easily generate custom reports.

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Freshness Reminders

CommosSpot's Freshness Reminder listed with other reminders as displayed in MyCommonSpot dashboard.

Keep content fresh and relevant using Freshness Reminders. Prevent old or outdated content from slipping through the cracks by assigning reminders for yourself or your team for greater content integrity. Snooze, dismiss, edit, copy, or delete reminders for easy management.

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Email Notifications

Email Notifications Feature Thumbnail

Automatically email approval requests, content changes, and more to CommonSpot users.

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Customizable Left Pane

Customizable Left Pane Feature Thumbnail

The CommonSpot workspace includes a fully customizable left pane that includes a convenient set of authoring, analysis, and optimization tools for delivering a great user experience.

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Export to Excel

Export to Excel Thumbnail::Export to Excel Thumbnail

CommonSpot’s Export to Excel feature allows you to export reports from multiple sources to spreadsheets for better access to critical website data that you can share organization-wide.

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Search Analytics

Search Analytics Thumbnail::Search Analytics Thumbnail

CommonSpot provides search analytics for internal searches, allowing administrators to see which keywords visitors search for, how many times a keyword or keyword phrase was searched for, how many results were returned for each searched term, and which search results visitors clicked.

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