No doubt you’ve heard the expression ‘content is king’. We all have. Sure, you can hire a great copywriter and you’ll get great copy. But what you probably didn’t know is that one of the best ways to ensure great content is by using an often overlooked capability within the CMS itself—publishing workflows. Workflows help you maintain high editorial standards by preventing rogue content from being published.

CommonSpot lets you assign tasks to content contributors, editors, approvers and publishers, and then set up intuitive editorial workflows that allow for collaborative editing, versioning, visual difference comparison, and approvals. Nothing gets published without going through the workflow making the process of ensuring great content and adhering to brand editorial standards simple and pain-free. 


Manage Workflow And Approvals

Workflow and Approvals Feature Thumbnail

Easily create simple or sophisticated approval workflows that reflect your decision-making process, hierarchy, and level of urgency. Configure multiple approval levels for specific users or groups or specific content types and optionally enable bypass to prevent workflow bottlenecks.

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Preview Content Prior To Publication

Preview Mode Feature Thumbnail

Create content and in one click quickly preview what your content will look like published, preventing mistakes before they happen for greater peace of mind.

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Compare Versions Side-By-Side

Visual Difference Comparison Feature Thumbnail

Have you ever used red-lined versioning in Microsoft Word? CommonSpot provides the same feature for making changes to web pages. Simply select versions to compare, and view them using red-line or side-by-side format. Visual Difference is conveniently available everywhere change history is relevant, including email review.

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Enable Collaborative Editing

Collaborative Editing Feature Thumbnail

Every organization needs an effective web presence. As the web evolves and grows more complex, the process of development and production relies more and more on the collaboration of a diverse set of professionals working effectively together. CommonSpot is a collaborative content management system designed to optimize productivity for today's distributed multi-authoring environment.

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Allow Content To Be Reviewed By Email

Content Review by Email Feature Thumbnail

Conveniently send content for review by email. CommonSpot includes features for routing copy in current or pending stages to both internal and external users. Optionally include markup for easy before-and-after review.

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Schedule Content Expiration Dates

Schedule by Day and Time Thumb

Powerful content scheduling and personalization can deliver content based on the time of day, audience interest, or specialized criteria that you define. Automatic page expiration and redirection features ensure content integrity.

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Assign Tasks To Team Members

Task Management Feature Thumbnail

Easily create tasks customized for the needs of your organization and automatically route assignments by task type. CommonSpot's advanced features for managing and processing individual and group tasks measns faster, more efficient production and publishing for your site.

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Use Versioning Tools When Editing Content

Versioning Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot includes advanced tools for easily managing, reviewing, comparing, and restoring versions and analyzing version performance.

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Email Notifications

Email Notifications Feature Thumbnail

Automatically email approval requests, content changes, and more to CommonSpot users.

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Unlimited Nested Groups

Unlimited Nested Groups Feature Thumbnail

Highly flexible group and membership configuration options make it easy for you to set up and manage groups and permissions that reflect the hierarchy and responsibility structure of your organization.

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User and Group Management

User group management

CommonSpot's object-oriented architecture simplifies user and group profile and permissions management to save your organization valuable time and resources.

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Field-level Security

Easily add read or edit rights to individual fields.

As part of a robust, granular security framework, CommonSpot gives developers and designers control over access and editing rights to specific fields within custom content objects and forms,

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Browser Based

Browser-based editing.

CommonSpot is accessible through any browser (Google Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, and Safari). There is no client software to install or maintain making it easy to distribute content management rights across, or outside of, the organization.

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