To create and manage a quality web presence you need the right people at the right time on the right task. CommonSpot makes this part of the job easy with features for automatically delivering requests for work to team members assigned to that type. Set up tasks and resources your way. Then simply create or respond to requests wherever you're working. You can view, add, change, or delete task assignments and update status at a glance from personalized or administrative dashboards or while viewing the current page. CommonSpot displays both the tasks you assign and those assigned to you in a single list for efficient management.

  • Create work types unique to your organization and needs.
  • Automatically route tasks to individuals or groups targeted for that task type.
  • Add, remove, or edit tasks and task types and update resources and assignments anytime.
  • View personalized lists of tasks and sort by type, level of urgency, or completion status.
  • Filter for personal or group assignments.

Screen Shots