A well-defined, implemented, and automated workflow and approval process is key to maintaining quality content and publishing efficiency. CommonSpot makes it easy to create simple or sophisticated approval workflows that reflect your decision-making process, hierarchy, and level of urgency. Route content to the section editor for initial review, to management for approval, and to legal for the final OK when needed. Approval and workflow features are designed for flexibility and include an bypass option, so that a department head can bypass approval from the copy editor, but not legal, for example. 

You can set approval permissions at the subsite, page, template, and even at the content object level for quality control where you need it. There are no practical limits to the number of levels you can assign to a workflow process. CommonSpot reports approvals required when you submit content for publishing and automatically routes requests to designated individuals and groups. All team members can view content status at a glance at the page level and from individual personalized dashboards or administrative reports

  • Create approval levels and roles tailored to your organization's structure and production style.
  • Configure multiple approval levels for specific users or groups.
  • Create approval workflows for specific content types.
  • Allow authorized approvers to bypass approval levels when needed to prevent workflow bottlenecks.
  • Automatically notify approvers and route content for approval.
  • View approval status for your work or your groups' work at a glance.
  • Approve content in a single click, without interrupting workflow.

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