Managing website content is simple. Controlling content quality to protect your brand can be trickier. You need the ability to define the role users play and determine the tools they can use to manage web content.

CommonSpot’s roles and permissions are so granular that many users or just one user can be given ownership rights to manage entire departmental sub-sites, pages, sections of a page, or even a single content object. And those users can in turn assign roles and permissions to their respective teams ensuring that the people who own the content--e.g., the subject-matter experts--can manage the content.

You can assign permissions granting use of specific templates, images, or documents to be used as well. There are virtually no limitations to the permissions and restrictions that you can put into place, giving you complete control over website content creation and management while ensuring that your content is well branded, current, and more compelling for site visitors.



Distributed Site/Subsite Admin

Distributed Site/Subsite Admin Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot intelligently distributes site and subsite permissions. Granular permissions give stakeholders control over their individual areas of business on the site, eliminating bottlenecks to make your organization more productive and your site more effective.

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IP Address Restrictions

IP Address Restrictions Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot enables administrators to easily enable or disable IP restrictions for greater control over who can access the system, and from where.

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Authentication Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot provides a robust security framework that you can use out of the box, or integrate with your own authentication system. It enables full user authentication and group management for both content editors and site visitors, and can also call upon any third-party user directory (such as LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), Active Directory, or any custom data source) so users and groups can be centrally managed.

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Secure Access to Content

Secure Access to Content Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot has a robust security framework, built-in authentication, and granular content security for unparalleled flexibility in managing and controlling access to content.

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Granular Permissions (30+)

Granular Permissions (30+) Feature Thumbnail

CommonSpot has the ability to assign more than 30 individual permissions that put control in the hands of those closest to the work, improving efficiency and eliminating production bottlenecks. This highly granular security can be applied at any level, including site, subsite, template, page or content object levels, giving you a great deal of control over who can do what.

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Workflow and Approvals

Workflow and Approvals Feature Thumbnail

Easily create simple or sophisticated approval workflows that reflect your decision-making process, hierarchy, and level of urgency. Configure multiple approval levels for specific users or groups or specific content types and optionally enable bypass to prevent workflow bottlenecks.

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Unlimited Nested Groups

Unlimited Nested Groups Feature Thumbnail

Highly flexible group and membership configuration options make it easy for you to set up and manage groups and permissions that reflect the hierarchy and responsibility structure of your organization.

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User and Group Management

User group management

CommonSpot's object-oriented architecture simplifies user and group profile and permissions management to save your organization valuable time and resources.

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Field-level Security

Easily add read or edit rights to individual fields.

As part of a robust, granular security framework, CommonSpot gives developers and designers control over access and editing rights to specific fields within custom content objects and forms,

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