Site productivity often boils down to giving the right people the right access at the right time. And site success often depends on good governance. CommonSpot provides a robust security framework designed to deliver both. In addition to standard content-related rights (read, author, edit, design, etc.), CommonSpot also includes an extremely flexible and highly granular permission structure for specific site activities.

This feature gives business users the power to essentially run their own area of business. Assign roles and permissions giving many users — or just one user — ownership rights to manage a site, page sets, keywords, multimedia, and more. Those users can then assign specific permissions to their respective teams, making your entire organization more productive. Give IT permission to run site utilities while excluding access to site content. Allow multimedia consultants to create and upload video and playlists while keeping the rest of the site off-limits.

You can assign over 30 separate task-specific site privileges, as well as server and subsite privileges, to users or groups and view or change any or all in just a few clicks.

  • Highly granular access control for effective team and site management.
  • Over fifty discrete privileges for common site activities to minimize bottlenecks and maximize productivity.
  • Separate server, site, and subsite privileges.
  • Selectively grant "Manage" and task-level privileges, such as page, template, and image creation and more.
  • Logically grouped related rights.
  • View assigned permissions at a glance.
  • Assign or change user or group rights in just a few clicks.

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