Maintaining website quality is essential to the integrity of your brand. CommonSpot's ships with a suite of reports to give you all the tools and information you need to keep content fresh, relevant, and brand compliant. Review site-wide or subsite reports for pages, templates, uploaded docs, registered URLs, images, multimedia files, and more. List content by link reference, and easily isolate errors and apply corrections.

Each report provides click-through options for quickly making changes at the page or file level, as well as more actions. You can activate or deactivate content, change security, modify properties, and delete, move, or change owner for multiple files — all from a single report. CommonSpot also gives individuals personalized content reports and at-a-glance link, performance, and analysis status while they work, as well as the ability to quickly create and share saved searches. The net result is fewer errors, faster fixes, and a more productive, reliable, and compelling website.

  • View reports for all content types, including web pages, templates, uploaded docs, registered URLs, images, multimedia files, playlists, and more.
  • Pull reports for pages by link references or view all broken links to prevent or quickly fix link errors.
  • Get comprehensive reports of pages waiting for approval.
  • Point and click to move, copy, delete, activate/deactivate, change owner, set security, and more for pages and other content while viewing reports.
  • Quickly generate and share saved search reports.
  • Use built-in tools to create custom left-pane or My CommonSpot reports for your site, or use the API to add custom reports to the Reports menu.

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