Being 'Pushy' is Good

Dec 21 -

The difference between a static website and a site that uses personalization can be dramatic.  Static websites present the same content to every site visitor, and visitors find what they want to view using search and navigation. For more complex sites, unearthing or 'pulling' the right information can be very time-consuming.  Personalized websites, however, anticipate a site visitor's needs and 'push' personally-relevant content to them at the right moment based on their interests or the context of their visit, expediting their way through your site. 

So which approach is right for you?  The approach you choose can have a big impact on your bottom line.  Before you decide, you need to take some factors into consideration.  Do you have a clear understanding of customer and prospect personas to help segment and deliver personalized Web content?  Do you have analytics data that can help you make these decisions?  Do you have the resources available to create personalized Web content (offers, ads, etc.)?  Do you have a Web content management system that helps you personalize Web content quickly and easily and deliver it dynamically?

Even the best of marketers are daunted by personalization, but you don't have to be. CommonSpot makes it simple for even the least marketing-savvy users.  Watch this short video and see how.


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