CommonSpot 10.0 now supports dragging and dropping of elements between Container, Tabular Layout and Multi-section elements.  Users simply open the element’s menu and begin dragging the ‘Move element’ menu option to move the element.  As users drag their mouse over other elements, or Insert New element links, they will get feedback as to where to drop the element. 

This feature will not only help authors manipulate content on the page, but will be very helpful when migrating to a new design when you need to move elements into new containers.

  • Drag and drop any type of element
  • Drag and drop between Containers, or within the same Container
  • Drag and drop to/from Containers, Tabular Layout, and Multi-section elements
  • You can also insert an element on a page by dragging & dropping from the element list within the Grid Row Layout left pane

Screen Shots