New features have been added in CommonSpot v10.0 that make it easier to manage content, analyze and optimize results, improve the user experience, and build responsive websites. The new release offers the following:

  • Simpler and easier ways to create, edit, and manage Web content.

    • A new and customizable WYSIWYG Editor with familiar and more advanced plugins and greater toolbar control for more intuitive editing.

    • The ability to easily Drag and Drop content objects onto a page or into container drop zones.

    • A new Image Gallery that offers powerful yet simple ways to present, organize, manage, and display image collections.

  • New ways to analyze, optimize, and report website results:

    • A new set of Search Engine Optimization tools that help marketers quickly target and manage SEO keywords, track rankings, provide SEO on-page grading rules and recommendations, and analyze and optimize websites for high performance results.

    • Site Search analytics to know what internal search terms are being searched for and which results are being clicked through.

    • An Export to Excel feature enabling marketers to export and share any report for greater access to critical website data.

  • A suite of new developer tools for mobile-first development.

    • Powerful Responsive Design features that give developers greater flexibility and control when building responsive websites, such as Grid Row Layouts, Containers, Breakpoint Previews, and Table-less forms.

    • A new Resource Loading framework to optimize and simplify loading of JavaScript and CSS resources.

    • Other developer tools such as Generic Render Handlers, improved Import & Export and downloadable widgets from a new Widget Gallery.

  • A new set of features that helps organizations deliver exceptional Web experiences.

    • A new Site Search feature that delivers highly relevant query results for visitors and customer self-service, as well as Featured Results for targeting content based on keywords used.

  • A variety of platform support enhancements and bug fixes.

  • And an upgrade to v2.0 of the Application Development Framework.


New WYSIWYG Editor (CKEditor)

Authoring content is simple using CommonSpot's WYSIWYG Editor which integrates with CKEditor—the gold standard of WYSIWYG editors giving users all of the frequently used editing features you’d expect out of the box.

Responsive Design

New in CommonSpot 10 are multiple features that give developers greater flexibility and control when building responsive websites.

Support for Grid Systems

Grid systems are the fastest and easiest way to create responsive web designs. CommonSpot supports popular grid systems making it easy to implement responsive designs for your site.

Responsive Breakpoint Preview

CommonSpot's Responsive Breakpoint Preview feature allows users to easily view, author, edit and approve changes to a page's content in any of the registered responsive breakpoint sizes.

Bootstrap Compatible

CommonSpot CMS is 100% compatible with the Bootstrap framework for developing responsive, mobile-first projects on the web.

Responsive (table-less) Forms

CommonSpot's Simple Forms capabilities includes support for responsive forms using all standard CommonSpot and ADF field types, as well as additional HTML5 fields and a Label Above rendering option.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimize for search engines as you create your pages. CommonSpot's built-in SEO capabilities make it easy to effectively direct and increase the amount of search engine traffic to your site using tools that help you quickly and easily target and manage keywords, track rankings, and analyze and optimize your site for high performance results.

Search Engine Result Page (SERP) Rank Tracking

CommonSpot's SEO Management capabilities provide built-in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) rank tracking for Google and Bing search engines. You can schedule search engine queries to track keyword rankings on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or set your own custom tracking period. You can also maintain ranking archives to view reports on ranking changes over time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Page Grade Rules and Recommendations

CommonSpot ships with over a dozen SEO Page Grade Rules (and you can add your own through our new API), that grade the content, properties and URL of your pages to optimize them for SEO. Once you assign and configured these SEO Rules for your site, Content Contributors and SEO Administrators can see each page/document’s overall grade and recommendations for improving SEO.

Enhanced Image Gallery Functionality

Publish and present brand-compliant photos quickly and easily and create compelling carousels in a variety of formats. CommonSpot's Image Gallery feature provides a powerful tool for managing image collections.

Element Drag & Drop

CommonSpot 10.0 now supports dragging and dropping of elements between Container, Tabular Layout and Multi-section elements. Users simply open the element’s menu and begin dragging the ‘Move element’ menu option to move the element.

Solr and Third-party Search Support

The importance of robust search functionality cannot be over-emphasized. Visitors expect it and sites need it to optimize information discovery and for accurate reporting, analytics, and site tuning. CommonSpot supports both proprietary and open source full-text search, including native support for the popular Apache Solr service.

Featured Search Results

CommonSpot's Featured Search Results feature allows you designate which pages are "featured" in the search results for a given keyword, allowing you to improve click through rates.

Search Analytics

CommonSpot provides search analytics for internal searches, allowing administrators to see which keywords visitors search for, how many times a keyword or keyword phrase was searched for, how many results were returned for each searched term, and which search results visitors clicked.

Image Index Element

CommonSpot 10 adds an Image Index Element to the CommonSpot Element Gallery. Similar to the Page Index Element, this new feature allows you to either manually select or specify filter criteria to automatically render lists of images in standard or custom formats. You can filter for images contained in public, private, or default galleries, and use image size, subsite location, file size, owner, and more as filtering criteria.

Resource Loader Framework

CommonSpot provides a resource loader framework for dynamically and efficiently loading JavaScript and CSS resources.

Generic Render Handlers

CommonSpot 10 now supports the creation of Generic Render Handlers, making it easier to share rendering across different element types.

Export to Excel

CommonSpot’s Export to Excel feature allows you to export reports from multiple sources to spreadsheets for better access to critical website data that you can share organization-wide.

Widget Gallery

PaperThin has created a gallery of helpful modules available, such as image carousels, slide shows, and other popular widgets that can save you time customizing your site.