CommonSpot version 10.0 just made editing content a whole lot easier. CommonSpot now integrates with CKEditor—the gold standard of WYSIWYG editors. The new editor has all of the frequently used editing features you’d expect out of the box—such as integrated link & image selection, WYSIWYG style support and more—plus you can use CKEditor Plugins to easily add on new editing features as you need them.

  • Total toolbar control - Too many features can confuse users. Even the toolbar arrangement is important. With CommonSpot you can customize the interface to keep only the tools you need, for better control over editing functions.
  • Advanced linking - In addition to creating standard web links with ease, CommonSpot makes it possible to build advanced links that can open popups and link to anchors, e-mails, or any kind of web resource.
  • Plugin-based - The editor structure is totally plugin-based, including many of its core features. Plugins live in separate files, making them easy to organize and maintain. Our JavaScript API makes developing plugins a rich experience.
  • Standards Support - The new editor includes full support for HTML5, including H1-6 headings tags to more easily structure content.
  • New Features - Additional capabilities such as Strikethrough, Insert-Media, Insert-Div-Container, Show-Blocks,  Insert-flash, Insert-smiley, Text Direction, and Insert Page Break for Printing have been added.

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