The Web today is a platform that requires two-way communications. Not only do marketers need the ability to create content easily, they also need ways to collect information from site visitors.

CommonSpot provides rich Simple Form building capabilities that allow non-technical users to create forms, and easily view and manage the data retrieved from these forms.

With CommonSpot version 10, these forms are now table-less, making them compatible with responsive designs. Not only can you use all of the standard CommonSpot and ADF field types, you can create your own custom field types that will act responsively as well.

  • Forms render using HTML <div> tags. No HTML <table> tags.
  • CSS classes can be applied to the various form components (label, field, required indicator, etc.) allowing you to style the form appropriately.
  • Label Above or Label to left options are built in
  • Forms can utilize any of the Standard CommonSpot Field Types, ADF Field Types, or any custom Field Types.

Screen Shots