When collecting website information—whether simple or sophisticated—a form is the way to go. Need to capture leads? Quickly poll customers on a topic? Survey the market? We can help. CommonSpot’s intuitive form builder tools allow you to easily create and design beautiful web forms so you can collect information in real time, and analyze results for actionable insights. No coding is necessary.



Build Beautiful Forms With Ease

Form Builder Feature Thumbnail

Easily create simple and attractive forms for any purpose (such as event registrations, polls, or surveys)—without the need to write code—using CommonSpot's form builder. Store your results in a database or email them directly to you in an easy to read summary format.

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Create Polls and Simple Surveys

Polls and Simple Surveys Feature Thumbnail

Get feedback from customers and site visitors quickly and easily using CommonSpot's poll and survey capabilities. CommonSpot makes it easy to create simple polls/surveys for gathering customer feedback or opinions to increase customer loyalty, provide insight into your business, learn about trends, increase awareness, drive leads, and more.

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Collect and Analyze Results

Datasheets (Tabular Data Grids) Feature Thumbnail

Easily display structured data, such as form submissions, in a tabular view on any page. Includes flexible out-of-the-box and custom options for sort order, filtering, and formatting.

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Create Unlimited Custom Field Types

Add New Field Type Thumb

CommonSpot offers more than a dozen out-of-the-box field types, or you can easily create your own to use in custom content objects, simple forms, and metadata forms. This gives you complete control over how information is collected within the system, and enables you to build rich applications that join together different content objects.

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Comments Feature Thumbnail

Create a more interactive and authentic experience for your site visitors by inviting their comments. The PaperThin Comments app makes it easy to include feedback forms anywhere on your site.

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Responsive (table-less) Forms

Responsive Forms Thumbnail::Responsive Forms Thumbnail

CommonSpot's Simple Forms capabilities includes support for responsive forms using all standard CommonSpot and ADF field types, as well as additional HTML5 fields and a Label Above rendering option.

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