User adoption is the key to successful web content management. With only a browser, any CommonSpot user can be productive Day 1. All content is created and edited within the page, in the familiar context of the published site. No need to navigate to a special URL, launch a separate application, or rely on technical specialists. Both experienced and less experienced web authors and editors can create and change content anywhere at any time, without mastering complex concepts or learning new tools.

Simply click a pencil icon for the area of the page you wish to edit, and you are managing web content. Creating and updating pages doesn’t get any easier, ensuring user adoption and a more successful website.
  • Easily enter and modify text, images, uploaded files, or multimedia — including YouTube or Brightcove content — without leaving the current page.
  • Get one-click access to link-checking, freshness reminders and work requests, version history, page performance, accessibility analysis, and more within the context of the site.
  • View or change layouts, or view up-to-the-minute analytics and SEO status, and check on review/approval state in a few clicks, without interrupting workflow.
  • Easily toggle between preview and edit modes for fast reliable page updates.
  • Publish approved content in a single click.
  • Complete simple and advanced content creation tasks using intuitive, context-specific menus, sliders, and wizards.
  • Protect content without compromising productivity through editing options tailored page-by-page to individual roles and permissions.

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