A common problem many websites suffer from is rogue content. With many content contributors, it can be difficult to ensure content quality and protect the integrity of your brand. When this happens, you need to pull in the reins a little. 

One simple yet structured way of contributing content in CommonSpot is through a simple form-based interface. Whether posting a photo to a blog post or contributing personal information to a staff directory, users can easily contribute any type of content you choose using a simple structured form ensuring content consistency and protecting your brand from rogue posts. CommonSpot’s Form Builder tool gives you complete control over fields used and content types making building structured forms with whatever fields you require easy.
  • Use the Form Builder to create a custom content structure
  • Enable any user to enter content easily
  • Use any of the standard form field types or create your own
  • Use datasheets to create custom content-specific editing dashboards
  • Distribute control to appropriate subject matter experts

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