Forecast: Heavy Snow and High Productivity

Feb 08 -

OK, this may give away my age, but I can remember a time when a snow day like the one we are having today meant your company was closed for business.  Not so today.  Most of us can now work from home, which is exactly what I am doing.  As I sit here on my sofa snuggled under my down comforter waiting for 'Snowmageddon' to strike, I'm actually being pretty productive.  I'm chatting with co-workers using Skype, accessing my work via Google Docs, reading emails, writing this blog post, and I'm working on CommonSpot to make edits to my website. I can pretty much do anything that I can do at work—from home.

CommonSpot is easy that way.  I simply sign in securely and I'm ready to go. Today, I'm posting blogs and making copy changes, but if I needed to, I could post emergency storm-related messages on our website in a pinch.  Many of our customers have used CommonSpot to do just that.  In fact, some customers have prepared un-published Web pages that can go live instantly in the event of an emergency to communicate critical information to a broad audience at the click of a mouse.  This kind of preparedness is critical for Marketers responsible for corporate communications, and is invaluable to your constituents, whether students, parents, community residents, etc. etc. 

Best of all, you can do it from the comfort of your own home—or anywhere with Internet access for that matter—as long as you have power.  Happily, I still do.


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