Ensuring the correct use of styles throughout a site can be time-consuming for designers and administrators, and intimidating to web authors. CommonSpot's global class management makes design management and applying styles easy, so that everyone working on your site is using the right style at the right time. 

Site designers or administrators can selectively register and apply styles to the content objects authors use most. Pick styles from any of your site's style sheets and apply them to any or all content objects with just a few clicks. CommonSpot gives you complete control over design presentation. You can "lock down" styles to enforce standards, expose styles to authors who can choose them, or make styles editable for designers.

  • Centrally manage all styles, style sheets, and fonts
  • Register styles as needed from any registered style sheet
  • Apply styles to any and all elements and element components used at your site
  • Give styles user-friendly names
  • Assign styles by name or by element
  • Assign style security
  • Easily view or change default fonts for your site
  • Schedule style sheets for groups, time of day, or other criteria
  • Easily manage inheritance and restore style standards as needed

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