CommonSpot On Premises is the #1 ColdFusion CMS. Period. It harnesses the formidable power of ColdFusion, enabling you to leverage your organization's existing ColdFusion infrastructure and expertise to your advantage. 

CommonSpot On Premises uses a perpectual license model.  That means that you purchase the software up front and pay an annual subscription fee for updates and support access. You deploy and install the system in your own environment, leveraging your existing ColdFusion infrastructure. The result is a powerful application for building and managing your multi-channel, mobile, and digital web presence.

On Premises Benefits

Built Using ColdFusion

CommonSpot is built using ColdFusion which allows you to develop in a language you are already comfortable with and have invested in. You get access to all things ColdFusion such as variables, scopes, components, and more to make your code smarter while leveraging your investment in ColdFusion, and your in-house expertise.

Commercially Supported

When investing in an on premises system, people often want to ensure that someone will be there to catch them if they fall. CommonSpot is maintained and fully supported by PaperThin and our network of partners. The safety net is there for you if and when you need it. We’ve got the product experts, documentation, and community to prove it.

Fits Into Your Environment

Introducing a new system into your existing IT environment can be disruptive. CommonSpot minimizes disruptions by ensuring the CMS fits into your environment so you can leverage benefits faster and gain a competitive advantage. On Premises and in the Cloud if you like, CommonSpot runs on Adobe ColdFusion or Railo; SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL; Windows or Linux.

A Rich API Set

CommonSpot’s open architecture and 2,000+ API hooks allow you to create limitless modifications that increase the functionality, innovativeness, scope and reach of the CMS application. Use our APIs for pure innovation, to extend the functionality of the CMS, or customize it to your exact business requirements. You can programmatically import and export data, easily integrate with other applications, or even customize and enhance the UI or even the CMS itself.

Faster Development

Want to accelerate development? While CommonSpot is a commercial solution, it meets these demands with a powerful yet easy-to-use open-source Application Development Framework (ADF) to develop new applications, leverage open source applications developed by the PaperThin community, and extend the website capabilities. Developers can work smarter, be more productive, and better support their organizations strategic initiatives while reducing development costs by as much as 80%.

Developers Develop & Marketers Manage

Create world-class websites, then give marketers intuitive, easy-to-use tools to safely build and run the site so you don’t have to. Control content quality using granular roles and permissions. Lock down site design but enable marketing to make stylistic and layout choices. Create apps that can be tweaked through the UI by virtually any user. Everyone’s happy.