Good performance is top of mind for all site managers for the simple reason that visitors expect it and search engines use it to rank your site. CommonSpot gives you everything you need to maximize site speed for visitors without compromising performance for everyone else. You set the response time standard for your site, and then tune and change as your needs change. Free up resources for authors during times of heavy editing and adjust settings as needed for times of heavy traffic. CommonSpot includes special settings for temporarily serving-out-of-date content from site cache to improve performance for dynamic pages.

CommonSpot also gives you tools to automatically clear and rebuild cache, with options to specify exactly which pages to rebuild and when, for very fine control over resource usage for high-demand content, such as dynamically generated page indexes.

And if you haven't already heard loud and clear which pages are loading slowly, just point and click to get instant performance and memory usage reports. Test and adjust performance for individual pages or review comprehensive reports for your entire site to get ahead of problems.

  • Choose from four different preset cache-clearing options or customize to support the unique needs of your site.
  • Optimize for authoring, editing, publishing, and viewing.
  • Set stale cache usage at the site level and tune at the page, template, or content-object level to achieve the best balance between content freshness and performance.
  • View summary statistics for dynamic lookups at-a-glance when configuring site performance.
  • Easily set response targets and get fast performance analysis at the site or page level to easily find and fix problems.
  • Manage memory usage from a central dashboard.

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