As systems become more complex, administrators need the ability to trust that performance will meet current and future demand. A good web content management system reliably separates content from design to give site managers the flexibility they need to direct how content is managed, who manages it, and where and how it is used and reused across the site. It's the job of the CMS to make sure that the data architecture required to support this flexibility delivers the performance your site visitors deserve and expect.

CommonSpot was designed from the ground up to efficiently serve dynamic and interactive content. Changes to content are instantly available and dynamically updated. Interactive components such as blogs, forums, polls, forms, personalization, and secure access are easily enabled in a dynamic model, while multiple features help you optimize performance and minimize wait times during data lookup.

CommonSpot includes an intelligent caching architecture designed to minimize page-rendering time. As content is published, cache files are generated based on requesting browser type. For subsequent requests, CommonSpot builds pages from relevant cached objects, minimizing database lookups to significantly improve performance.

Depending on content type, CommonSpot creates static cache representations at the page and/or content-object level. Content that is the same for all users, time periods, or site locations is rendered into static page cache. Pages served under this multi-level caching framework incur less overhead, and are easily scaled across multiple servers for optimal load balancing and fail-over. Advanced performance tools, reports, and cache management utilities help sites tune performance for their unique and evolving needs.

  • Leverage intelligent, built-in cache management designed to optimize baseline performance.
  • Reduce performance overhead and server load.
  • Use advanced analysis and reporting features to get a very detailed view of resource usage.
  • Tune performance through a rich set of performance improvement tools and utilities.

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