Available On Premises or as a SaaS cloud-based solution, CommonSpot offers flexible configuration options that can quickly scale to your demands. As a 100% browser-based Web application built on top of Java and Adobe's ColdFusion application server, all application components, except the browser, reside and operate on the server, allowing for cost-effective, wide-scale deployment.

Install on the platform of your choice, with redundancy and failover options. CommonSpot runs equally well on Windows, UNIX, and Linux-based platforms with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL. Manage your own servers or take advantage of 24x7 hosting supported by industry-leading Amazon Cloud Services. Organizations can securely author internally and publish to external read-only servers. Use a Shared Database configuration to efficiently publish in real time, or use Replication features to distribute content, manage load, and publish on a scheduled basis. CommonSpot includes monitoring, management, and performance tools for every configuration.

  • Run in the Cloud (SaaS) with 24x7 support or On-Premise.
  • Deploy on Microsoft IIS or Apache HTTP web servers.
  • Integrate with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL databases.
  • ColdFusion or open source Railo/Lucee application servers.
  • Deploy Standalone, in a Shared Database cluster, or in a load-balanced Replication configuration.
  • Add one or more Read-only Production servers for redundancy and failover and traffic-management.
  • Optional Cache Server for shared database configurations to optimize performance.
  • Warm stand-by server.
  • Add a Base Site option to jump-start site development.

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