Venture Capital Firm Uses CommonSpot To Manage Three Extranets

About Sevin Rosen Funds

  • Top tier venture capital firm established in 1981
  • Entrepreneur-centric firm with a track record of founding market leaders
  • Played a key role in helping establish Compaq Computer Corporation which revolutionized the personal computer industry
  • Played a key role in helping to create other early leaders in the computing arena by funding companies such as Lotus Development Corporation, Electronic Arts and SGI. Citrix, CIENA, ArQule, Cyrix and Cypress Semiconductor are included among the firm's successful IPOs

Business Challenge

  • Needed a secure, electronic method of communicating with customers
  • Needed a flexible and easy-to-use solution that would scale as their needs changed


  • Used CommonSpot to build three extranet sites for portfolio companies:
  • Limited Partners’ Exchange—1,500 investors use this password protected site for immediate online access to important information on the funds in which they are invested enabling Sevin Rosen to move to a paperless environment
  • Entrepreneurs’ Exchange—60 portfolio companies with over 500 employees use the Entrepreneurs’ Exchange as a one-stop shop for resources associated with start-ups
  • Open Entrepreneurs Exchange—a venue for Sevin Rosen Funds experts and other industry contacts to provide the general public with insight and perspectives on running successful start-ups


  • Sevin Rosen Funds was able to completely eliminate the cost of labor and materials associated with providing monthly financial reports and information resources to their portfolio of customers for an annual savings of $100K, and a cumulative savings of more than $500K since implementing CommonSpot
  • Business users can now post content to the sites quickly reducing the time it takes to deliver reports to customers by 50%
  • The organization is able to easily scale its Web infrastructure to meet its evolving needs
  • Information accessibility for their portfolio of clients has improved communications dramatically

Customer Information

Site Type: Extranet