Ping Identity

Company Overview

  • Ping Identity was founded in 2002 by industry veterans committed to simplifying the way in which digital identities are used and managed
  • Delivers secure Internet single sign-on software and services to more than 150 customers worldwide
  • The flagship product, PingFederate®, is the world’s first rapidly deployable identity federation software, providing an organization’s users safe access to Internet applications without the need to re-login
  • Ping Identity had implemented an open-source Web content management solution but found that it did not have the development or support infrastructure needed to develop a deep and rich feature set
  • The open source solution had serious reliability and stability issues
  • Technical skills were required to manage content in many instances, preventing business users from taking ownership of the website
  • Website content was not being created or updated in a satisfactory timeframe due to the backlog of IT work 

Business Challenge

  • Needed to find a stable Web content management system with a rich feature set that didn’t require significant development resources
  • Needed to enable non-technical users to quickly and easily make changes to the website (without writing code) to improve productivity and encourage user adoption


  • Ping Identity hired PaperThin Partner RainCastle Communications - a Boston   area strategic communications firm specializing in website design and development - to help select and implement a new Web content management system
  • Ping Identity purchased and implemented CommonSpot in 2007, and was the first customer to go live on CommonSpot Version 5.0
  • The organization uses CommonSpot to manage its website


  • Ping Identity changed the way content is managed within the organization by implementing a fully-developed Web content management system
  • In doing so, Ping eliminated the costs associated with developing an open-source custom feature set
  • Business users took control of the day-to-day management of content and the website due to CommonSpot’s inherent ease of use—eliminating the IT bottleneck and improving productivity
  • Ping now has a scalable content management foundation that enables them to grow and expand the website, and keep pace with evolving feature-set requirements (such as RSS and Blogs)


Customer Information

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