Tuthill Corporation

What You Will Learn:

  • How to manage your brand online
  • How to make your site user friendly
  • How to make content easy to navigate
  • How that reduces abandoned visits
  • And strengthens your brand online

The Organization

Tuthill Corporation is a diversified global manufacturing company, developing and supplying industrial products for its value-minded customers in more than 150 markets.

The Situation

It had been more than three years since Tuthill had re-designed its website. In the spirit of continuous improvement, marketers had been gathering information about how the site was being used for some time. Not only did they pay close attention to usage statistics, they listened to what customers had to say about the site and devised a plan for improvement, including a new look and feel.

The Solution

The Tuthill website team, including various members from marketing, sales, human resources, and leadership collaborated on a strategy to launch a new, user-friendly website using the CommonSpot Web content management solution. That new site launched just a few short months after purchasing the system. 

The Site is Intuitive and Easy to Navigate

Boasting a fresh new design isn't all that Tuthill’s website has to offer. Because the new design was based on the fundamentals of usability best practices and design patterns, visitors can now enjoy the site without having to learn how to use it. An improved understanding of who uses the site—such as job seekers, engineers, distributors, sales reps, employees, executives, and more—helped marketers structure content in a way that is easily navigable by all.

The most noteworthy change was to the site's information architecture. Content is no longer organized by internal lines of business, but rather by product types, markets, brands, and applications.  Tuthill’s customers were not previously finding what they were looking for on the website, resulting in abandoned visits and frustration. Today, visitors that want to learn more about the collection of well known brands Tuthill has to offer can easily do so in the brands section of the site. Similarly, they can also search for a specific market, or look for an application or particular product type in dedicated sections as well.

The Online Brand is Stronger

Another important change is that the site now accurately mirrors the company’s culture. Founded in 1892, Tuthill Corporation has a rich history, and a culture that is even richer. The new site focuses more on the organization, its vision, mission, values, and brand. In one place visitors can now see the full breadth of what Tuthill has to offer in quality products and professional services in a way that promises customers peace of mind and fosters a sense of company pride. Other new features include the ability to easily print and e-mail pages, save favorite content to a personalized area of the site, search the site more easily, syndicate content such as news and events (RSS feeds), and give customers the ability to provide valuable feedback using forms.

Tuthill marketers cite CommonSpot’s ease of use, customizable workflow, globalization, time-to-implement, and sophisticated technology as key factors in its ability to improve the overall customer experience on the new website. And because continuous improvement is Tuthill’s way of life, the marketing department won’t be stopping there. Tuthill plans to produce content in several languages, consolidate its nine current websites into one, and to migrate its home-grown company Intranet site to CommonSpot.

“Ease of use was a key factor that led us to buy.  We launched our new website just two months after purchase.  The net result is that CommonSpot’s ease of use helped us to quickly and easily publish content and to implement a new site design which improves the overall customer experience.”   
   Chad Gabriel,  Director of E-Services, Tuthill Corporation

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