The web has evolved and so have the variety of options you have for creating new and mobile-friendly website designs. Instead of starting from an empty canvas and designing from the ground up as most agency and design firms do, we let you pick a professionally designed ‘theme’ or template to use as the starting point and then tweak the design to meet your exact needs. This approach yields a beautiful design that can be delivered in a much shorter time frame, and at a significantly reduced cost. It’s a more agile approach to web design, and as we all know, time is money.

Not familiar with ‘themes’ or design templates?

It's similar to buying a pre-fab house. You can hire an architect to design and build a custom home for you for a custom home price, or you can buy one that’s already designed and built, and have it customized to your style and needs. The outcome is the same. With professionally-designed templates you get a beautiful new website that’s uniquely tailored to your brand, only at a fraction of the cost and in half the time. A win-win as they say.

Good design will only get you so far.

A well designed website goes a long way, but to deliver the great web experiences you need to drive new business, you also need great tools. That’s what a web content management system (CMS) is for. If you’re already using a CMS, now would be a good time to evaluate whether it has the features you need to meet your marketing objectives.

Our web content and experience management system CommonSpot is no ordinary CMS. We offer a full featured web content management platform plus a powerful digital marketing engine to help you kick your results into high gear. Whether managing web content or digital assets on websites, portals, intranets or extranets, our web content management system is the CMS of choice for organizations that want to publish web content instantly, and manage it intuitively. Learn more.

Sample themed designs.

We've handpicked a few design templates to give you an idea of the variety and types of design themes available to you. Keep in mind these templates are not specifically designed for websites within your line of business. But that's not a problem. We give you many many choices, and if you don’t see one you like, there are literally thousands of designs you can select from, and we can help you narrow in on the one that’s just right for you.

Each design comes with the features and options you need to make the template your own. We can easily change the colors, styles, fonts, images, and so on to meet your brand requirements. We can also create new types of content pages for you such as product or services pages for example. The possibilities are endless.

A Few (of many) Possible Designs