Even simple A/B testing can help you optimize your content for maximum results. Create two versions of a web page, split the traffic between them, and then measure audience response and conversion rate. CommonSpot includes a powerful set of group management and scheduling features for quickly publishing audience-specific content, reviewing metrics, and making changes — coding optional.

  • Present content to authenticated users based on known group memberships, or dynamically group anonymous visitors based on browsing behavior, device, search terms, IP address, and more.
  • Conditionally display content based on group, date, time of day, location within the site, specific metadata, or specialized criteria that you define.
  • You can also use Vanity URLs or redirects to publish similar content with separate, easy-to-remember URLs for your short- or long-term promotions and measure response over time.
  • Get in-depth analytics at the click of the mouse to compare page results, anytime throughout your site.

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