Marketing today means joining the conversation and going with the flow of social information exchange. The problem is that posting, tweeting, and other customer-facing communication often means facing away from other important tasks. 

CommonSpot makes it easier than ever to share your content on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn without leaving the current page or interrupting the flow of work. Instead of manually posting to every channel your organization uses, conveniently tweet, share, or post to any or all of your social media outlets at any time within CommonSpot, or use the "Submit and Share" feature for one-click sharing as new content is published. 

You can share content immediately, save content for posting later, or schedule posts for a future date or time, to synchronize across multiple time zones, for example. For sites with approval cycles, posts remain editable throughout the review period. Once live, you can track clicks, comments, retweets, and shares as well as respond to comments, all from a centralized dashboard.

  • Tweet or post to Facebook or LinkedIn in real time or on a schedule, from a page, on submit, or through the Social Media Manager. 
  • Simultaneously create and manage content for multiple social media channels. 
  • Optionally assign separate Post, Manage, and Administrative rights when access control is important

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